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How to Make Coffee with a French Press

What you Need:
1. French Press (You can find one for $30.00)
2. A Water Kettle
3. A Stove Top
4. Coffee Grounds


1. Fill your kettle with tap water. You can use filtered water, but since you're going to boil the water, tap water will work just fine.

2. Place your kettle on the Stove Top and turn the heat on.

3. While the kettle is heating the water, you can put in 5 tablespoons of your favorite grounded coffee beans. You may adjust the amount you put in based on your taste.

4. You will know when the kettle is finished boiling the water, because the kettle will start to whistle!

5. After the water is done boiling, you can pour the water into the French Press. When the water is about half way up, stir the coffee beans for about 60 seconds. Then fill the press up to the top, leaving a small amount of room. You should be able to fit the top of the press on, without dripping, like so.

6. Slowly press down, on the top of the press. Grab yourself a cup and pour yourself a delicious cup of coffee. If you use cream and sugar, you can add and stir.

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