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Cleaning your cutting board with Salt and a Lemon

What you need:
1. Salt
2. Lemon
3. A bench scraper or something to scrape the salt off.


1. Put salt on the board. You can just spread it evenly across the board. You do not need to make giant piles.

1. Cut the lemon in half. You will want to use acidic juices for cleaning the board.

3. Use the 1/2 lemon to scour the surface of the wooden cutting board. The idea is that you are pushing the acidic juice of the lemon on the salt and the board.

4. Let the lemon juice and the salt sit for 5 minutes.

5. Lightly scrape off all the residue after the 5 minutes is complete.

6. Rinse off the board and know your cutting board is clean of bacteria.

Why it works:

The citrus in the lemon is a natural cleaner. You can actually use lemon citrus to remove stains as well. The coarse salt is used as a scrubber, which will remove the bacteria and stains from the cutting board.

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