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1. Simply slice the onion then turn it sideways, slice it again so you have small square pieces. This is called dicing. Wash the celery and carrots, carefully place the point of a sharp knife at one edge and slice the stalks in half. Then you can turn the haves to a right angle to the knife and chop the celery and carrots to small bits. I like the celery bigger than the carrots. You can also shred the carrots using a kitchen shredder. Some people like to put sugar in the chilly but I don’t.

2. Once you have the sirloin ground, and the vegetables chopped, heat up your cast-iron pan put some olive oil in and throw in the onions. Let it come up to a temperature where the onions get yellow, and then throw in the top sirloin. Chop the sirloin up with a spatula, and turn it over until it’s all brown.

3. Now you have your cast-iron frying pan with a mixture of ground sirloin and onion. Throw in the rest of the ingredients mix it up and put in your chili powder. Simmer for a half an hour so you have a nice mixture. Don’t burn the bottom, and you’re ready to eat. What could be simpler?